Human Resource Management

 If you own a business that employs other workers on either a full-time or part-time basis you may be subject to countless rules and regulations covering a variety of topics such as:

  • unemployment compensation
  • exempt and non-exempt employees
  • wage and overtime dispute
  • leave issues under both state and federal laws
  • new federal and state regulations and statutes affecting policies and procedures
  • collective bargaining concerns
  • employee discipline and termination
  • calculation of wage claims
  • employee benefits 
  • ​compliance with federal and state discrimination laws​

Attorney Robin Binder Heath works with many private companies, school districts and other governmental entities to help them understand labor and employment law issues to make sure they are compliant with statutes and regulations governing their employment practices. This covers assisting companies with issues related to:

  • Hiring, disciplining and terminating employees
  • Compensation packages & employee benefits
  • Leave practices -- paid and unpaid leave, FLMA, employees with disabilities

Additionally, she can assist you with any of the following HR services:

  • Updating Employee Handbooks
  • Creating and updating HR policies
  • Management and Employee Training